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Welcome to Flankers, a collection of CAD quality models of greatest fighter! Current formats: 3DS for Autodesk 3D Studio R3/4, MAX for Autodesk 3D Studio MAX R2, DXF for Autodesk AutoCAD and any other DXF compatible software, BDF for an original bCAD software, used to design models. bCAD models are most informative and contain cameras, lights and textures, and allow to create photorealistic images. This site contains detail about all of the model, the only thing is missing - models themselves. They are avalable on actual CD.

The following versions of Su-27 are presented here:
T10 - a Su-27 prototype Su-27 an original Su-27 at its close modifications Su-30 Su-30MK and Su-30MKI Su-32 Su-32FN (former designation Su-34) Su-33 naval version of Flanker Su-35-37 latest development of flankers with superagility features Missiles folder contains a set of the models of Air-to-Air and Air-to-Surface missiles, used as a Flanker armament.

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