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  Custom software development and 3D modeling

Custom works

bCAD Ltd. provides custom development and 3D modeling services.
Our development experience received during bCAD product line and bCUT development allows us to create complex software products using various modern technologies such as Microsoft .NET.

Custom software development

We provide development of applied software that works under Microsoft Windows platform, libraries and components that can be used as standalone application or as a part of other software, including ASP.NET components.
Program languages currently used in development are: C, C++, Java, C#, J#, Managed C++.

Web-site development

Web-development is not our main priority of our activity, but our experience allows as to create web-site of various complexity, from simple to dynamic web-applications using ASP.NET and AJAX technology.

Custom 3D-modelling

ProPro can create custom 3D models, including NURBS and low-polygonal modeling.

Su-35. 3D model visualization, shipped on Flankers CD. Difficulty and quality of modeling you can estimate by models of Flankers CD.

Some our models are widely used in Internet. As a instance, illustrations and animations on “Buran” — web-site are made from our models. Some of them you can download.
Buran shuttle.

Component and software localization

We can localize your software or technical documentation into Russian language. Technical specialists working in our company are familiar with terminology which is used in engineering and manufacturing.

Rights and prices

All prices are defined by contract and, certainly, depends on size, urgency and, also, rights on working result.

How to order?

Contact us via e-mail bcad@propro.ru or by phone.