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  Showcase. The program for automation of trading design

“bCAD Showcase”

Application window “bCAD Showcase” — the modern program system intended for automation of trading design, i.e. fast designing of trading premises, to selection and arrangement in them of the equipment, placing of advertising blocks, definitions of appearance and ergonomic parameters of trading floors, reception of a lay-out of a premise, drawings and the registration documentation: specifications and order estimates. The program also applies to designing of institutions and public catering: dining rooms, cafe, kitchens and to it similar premises.

The system allows developing the project, show it to customer and execute project updating. In the course of work the designer and the client see the project in the quality close to photographic. On the future trading floor it is possible to "walk" literally, approximately just as it becomes in computer games. It is possible to see a hall from a place of the cashier, the manager or security and to move subjects covering the view.

Besides, bCAD can create the image of photographic quality, with real illumination, shades, mirror reflexions and a play of light in glass surfaces. Such presentation will not leave indifferent any customer and it is useful for arrange of advertising leaflets and catalogues. On the contrary, for sketch sending by fax, images can be received and in the simplified, black-and-white kind. If necessary, in “bCAD Showcase” it is possible to carry out usual drawings, it will quite replace AutoCAD or ZwCAD, is able to read files DXF and DWG.

The typical scenario of work in “bCAD Showcase” the following:

  1. Draw the plan of the future premise in scale 1:1, and to allocate zones here.
  2. Place the equipment (corresponding to each zone) directly to plan. Actually, to work a premise lay-out. It can be printed and discussed.

As result:

Equipment catalogues

The complete set “bCAD Showcase” contain hundreds ready blocks: Racks, showcases, refrigerating cases, furniture elements, lamps. All of them have real prototypes; their sizes correspond to the standard. It is possible to fill up libraries yourself. «Cubes» create in other products of bCAD family, or in other systems, for example 3D MAX or AutoCAD Such models often are available for manufacturers of the equipment. bCAD Ltd. have services in manufacturing 3D models to order.

Side benefits:

As a whole, work becomes more exact, productive and profitable.

System requirements

Price for “bCAD Showcase” you can find in section prices.