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  Salon. The program of automation of sale of furniture in a trading floor

“bCAD Salon”

“bCAD Salon” — the program complex intended for automation of sale of furniture in a trading floor, at direct contact to the buyer. It facilitates to the buyer and the seller a purchase complete set, a choice of style and reception of the registration documentation. “bCAD Salon” allows to generate not simply the purchase list, and to execute preliminary design of a premise, taking into account real dimensions and appearance. Except furniture, in the complete set it is possible to consider and other elements of an interior, and also the built in equipment.

Work in Salon version of bCAD reminds the version game in cubes and the unsophisticated seller in computer sciences can master it even. The typical scenario following:

  1. On the customer's sizes create a virtual breadboard model of the room.
  2. Choose furniture and other purchases from illustrated the computer catalogue and place on a room.
  3. Print a bill, illustrations for installation, etc.

In the process of operation on the order the designer-seller, and the main thing — its client-buyer uninterruptedly see the project in a kind close to photographic quality. The skilled designer can to reproduce quite realistic all interior of the customer, with niches possibility to prepare high realistic presentation with careful study of details of an interior and features of illumination, windows, etc. Or, on the contrary, receiving the simplified black-and-white image of sketch for sending by fax.

The suite «bCAD Salon» includes hundreds ready blocks: pieces of furniture, lamps, and the built-in home appliances. Visit site pages «Library of accessories», «Catalogue of blocks», also examples of textures. There is a possibility to fill up library. You can use "cubes", created in other packages of bCAD family, or in other systems, for example 3D MAX or AutoCAD. Hence, it is possible to use models given by manufacturers of furniture.

As a result:

Through designing

The most effective is using of “bCAD Salon” application together with “native” design packages “bCAD Furniture” or “bCAD Pro” Then, the designer-seller has an opportunities:

  1. to modify furniture, accommodate it towards the sizes of a room,
  2. to change used modules: facades, obverse accessories, typical assemblages,
  3. to fit materials and colors.

The received model transmits to the designer on the next study and the through chain turns out — order, designing, manufacture, delivery.

Additional benefits:

As a whole, work becomes more exact, productive and profitable.

System requirements

Demo versions

If you are interested by package possibilities “bCAD Salon”, you can download Demo version

Price of “bCAD Salon” you can find in section prices.