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  Pro. Design, designing and manufacture. From sheet and a profile materials

“bCAD Pro”

Application window “bCAD Pro” — program system of a full cycle of designing: design, engineering and preparation of manufacture for everything that it is possible to make of sheet and profile materials. This system allows to project as various products from these materials: furniture, the trading equipment, exhibition stands, pavilions, small architectural forms, and apartments, in which these products are for which them make: offices, clubs, bars, apartments, etc., and also various elements of such premises: podiums, reception racks, and many other things — successfully project bar racks in “bCAD Pro”. It is possible work simultaneously with several projects, association of models in the uniform project, arrangement of the created models on an office or apartment.

Application window“bCAD Pro” includes possibilities of all other products of a line: “bCAD Furniture”, “bCAD Showcase”. Everything that is written about possibilities of these products is in “bCAD Pro”. It is possible to perform all same works and to create libraries of materials, fixture and accessories. The main difference is possibility to create wares from profile elements and export project's information in Database formats.

The powerful tools of photorealistic visualization, supplementing flexible tools of real 3D CAD-system, allow not only to create model and automatically prepare working drawings, but also to show goods in its best light. It is possible to see the project and estimate it even before its real manufacturing.

Application window You can combine the received models with elements and the models received both standard means bCAD, and other programs for example, in a format 3DS, DWG/DXF, created in other programs of designing, say, AutoCAD. Thus it is possible to create scenes of interiors of offices, trading and technological premises, apartments, houses with full conditions and many other things that will allow using your models for design of premises. You should not buy for this purpose other program — all possibilities of the base version bCAD to the full work in “bCAD Pro”.

The most part of routine work, somehow: creation of drawings of separate details, cutting pattrens, calculation of the spent materials and standard products, creation of specifications, cost calculation - are shifted on program shoulders. All it allows in tens times to reduce time for performance of routine operations and to reduce errors at designing of products.

As result:

Details and products in “bCAD Pro”

At work with “bCAD Pro” is supposed that products consist of following details and elements:

Tools of the general designing of the base module bCAD on creation of difficult surfaces allow removing all restrictions on complexity of the form of any accessories or furniture elements (banisters, bent legs etc.).

Profile details

Profile details it, first of all, details manufactured from molded-strip materials with constant section which often named “profile materials”. Also the bar concerns those pipes, profiles, details from a material with constant cut set, direct or bent in one plane. The section contour can be set direct sites and-or arches. To bend a profile also it is supposed only on an arch. Other curves will be presented by a set of short direct segments. The ends of details can be mowed down under any corner that allows to do frame constructions.

Product designing

The typical scenario of designing of a new product in “bCAD Pro” the following:

  1. To collect three-dimensional model on which configuration of the future product is fulfilled, placing details in space according to designer's plan. Pick up colors and materials. Actually, create design project. You can count the project's cost and conform it with customer.
  2. To issue and revet edges of panels, to execute cuts and millings, to place fixture and an accessories, additional support, etc.
  3. To receive the specification and the estimate (are counted up automatically), to make project presentation, to receive and correct drawings, schemes of assemblage, a cutting pattrens of sheet and profile materials, other documents.

After product statement on manufacture, model it is possible to bring in a databank and, further, to use as a finished article in “bCAD Salon” and “bCAD Showcase”.

If the similar product already is, it is easy for modifying: to change the sizes, to add or remove details, to replace materials, and also fixture, and accessories.

Export of data from projects

Data on model structure, materials and geometry of details can be transfer to other programs through popular formats of databases DBF and MS Access. In these formats it is possible to transfer given of applets designer's report (the developed specification of the project) and the Estimate (the budget data).

Besides, there is a possibility to export to format XML full data on the project, including geometry of contours of details, mills, positions of drillings etc.

Thus, “bCAD Pro” it is possible to connect other programs used at the enterprise.

Libraries of materials, profiles, bindings and accessories

In the complete set “bCAD Pro” are extensive bank of materials and profiles, fittings, garnitures and accessories, hundreds ready blocks are delivered: racks, showcases, refrigerating cases, furniture elements, lamps. All of them have real prototypes; their sizes correspond to the standard. Naturally, at work on several workplaces it is possible to conduct uniform library of materials and projects.

It is possible to fill up libraries yourself. All delivered catalogues are created in “bCAD Pro”. Besides, "cubes", it is possible to create in other systems, for example 3D MAX or AutoCAD. bCAD Ltd. services in manufacturing 3D models, preparation of banks of materials to order.

Through designing

The enterprises which have full cycle of work with production: order reception, designing, manufacture and installation, can organize reception of the order and preliminary design with use of the simplified packages “bCAD Salon” (for furniture manufacturers) and “bCAD Showcase” (for manufacturers of the trading and exhibition equipment). In these programs it is possible to carry out preliminary design of premises and also to modify own products:

  1. To modify the sizes of products: accommodate it under the sizes of a premise.
  2. Quickly replace used modules, typical assemblages (combinatory design).
  3. Quickly select materials and colors.

The received model sends to the designer on the further study in “bCAD Pro”.  The through chain turns out — the order, designing, manufacture, delivery.

Additional benefits:

As a whole, work becomes more exact, productive and profitable.

System requirements

Demo version

If you are interested by possibilities of “bCAD Pro”, you can download Demo version

Price of “bCAD Pro” you can find in section prices.