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  Furniture. Design, designing and manufacture of furniture.

“bCAD Furniture”

Application window “bCAD Furniture” — program complex for automation designing of cabinet furniture. All production phases of furniture: design, designing, technological preparation of manufacture — these are problems to which decision with success can be applied “bCAD Furniture”.
Besides, the given package can be used for design of interiors of offices and apartments together with furniture.
Selection of furniture in furniture salons can be made for the buyer in a special package “bCAD Salon”.

“bCAD Furniture” help to design and make kitchen and office furniture, cases-compartments, racks, the trading equipment, bar racks. Work simultaneously with several projects, association of models in the uniform project, arrangement of the created models on an office or apartment premise is thus possible.
“bCAD Furniture” allows receiving automatically working drawings and cutting pattrens.

The basic idea of a package is simple — the designer works with volume model of a product, collecting it from separate panels and large ready blocks, or modifies already available projects, adjusting their dimensions and an arrangement of elements to needs of the customer. In the latter case the new complete set of kitchen furniture, for example, can be created literally in some minutes if, of course, projects not too strongly differ from each other (replacement of furniture accessories, material, colors and change of the sizes of model are made automatically). It will be thus created not only attractively looking image, but also working drawings, the estimate of expenses, and the inventory of necessary materials.

bcad-mebel-design-300 Among additional applets: wizards for fast creation standard simple, figured and bended panels, work with bindings and an accessories, the wizard of a wardrobe, tools of semi-automatic creation of drawings, the report-estimate, calculation of material's expense and cutting optimization system for sheet details.
In the complete set “bCAD Furniture” contain the extensive library of ready projects, furniture accessories and textures.
Naturally, at work on several workplaces it is possible to conduct uniform library of materials and projects.

The powerful tools of photorealistic visualization supplementing flexible tools of the present three-dimensional CAD-system, allow not only to create model and automatically to prepare working drawings, but also to show something in its best light — the project can be seen and estimated even before its real manufacturing.

You can combine the received models with elements and the models received both standard means bCAD, and other programs for example, in 3DS, DWG/DXF formats, created in other designing programs, say, AutoCAD. Thus it is possible to create scenes of interiors of offices, trading and technological premises, apartments, houses with full conditions and many other things that will allow using your models for design of premises. You should not buy for this purpose other program — all possibilities of the base version bCAD to the full work in “bCAD Furniture”.

The most part of routine work, somehow: creation of drawings of separate details, cutting pattrens, calculation of the spent materials and standard products, creation of specifications, cost calculation - are shifted on program shoulders. All it allows in tens times to reduce time for performance of routine operations and to reduce errors at designing of products.

As result:

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