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  DXF export to CNC. Applet for “bCAD Furniture” and “bCAD Pro”.

DXF export to CNC

Applet “DXF export to CNC” is intended for the data acquisition, facilitating start in manufacture of projects, developed by “bCAD Pro” and “bCAD Furniture”.

Applet automates process of generation of operating programs for manufacturing of sheet details (panels) on CNC milling and drill machines. It is developed for work with the software of machine tools of some manufacturers (see the table), but it can appear useful to other programs, which are able to read files DXF AutoCAD.

Compatibility with programs of machine tools
Program Manufacturer of machine
NC500 Biesse Wood Division
BiesseWorks (NC1000)
XilogPlus SCM Group
WoodWOP 5.0 Homag AG

There is a possibility to export all project entirely, and also to choose separate details, to consider an edge thickness and a covering face of a plank, a texture direction. If necessary, it is possible to turn details, to change base etc.

As result:

For other machine tools and programs

If you have another machine program, whether is able to read tasks in AutoCAD DXF format. As principles of data transmission at these programs are similar, and our applet has flexible system of options for this format it can appear that the applet will approach you. Connect for us We will help to understand this situation. It is possible, as, module completion to order. So the program “DXF export to ROVER” has been developed. Which has begun working out of the modern applet.

That it is possible to transfer?

The program allows to adjust volume of the transferred data on technological possibilities of the machine tool. It is possible to request both all given at once, and separate types which concern:

  1. Contours:
    • External contour of a detail.
    • Shaped edges.
    • Grooves.
    • Simple and figured cuts.
  2. Lines of grooves.
  3. Positions, directions and depths of apertures:
    • In face of panels.
    • In end faces of panels.

If at your machine tool a drilling head only on the one hand it is possible to form two files. It is possible to establish the maximum diameter of apertures received by drilling, and all apertures diameter more, then stated, transfer as milled, to consider a Fossner's drill (for BiesseWorks).

The Applet allows changing parameters of data transmission depending on the set options of the machine tool, them concern:

If the project contain binding with conic transitions which are necessary for transforming to cylindrical apertures it as probably to make by means of the given Applet.

Applet allows, by means of a number of options, to consider technological features of manufacture:

The Applet allows supervising an admissibility of processing of detail on the machine. For this purpose it is necessary to enter dimensions of a desktop of the machine. If any details cannot be processed on the machine tool, the applet will warn you.

At export of the data there is a possibility of individual adjustment a set of parameters for each detail of the project, including detail turn on a machine desktop.

All these options need to be executed only once and, further, simply to press the button. It is possible to have several variants of options for each machine tool.

How to check?

There is not Demo version of “DXF export to CNC” applet. If you are interested by possibilities, connect for us send us your models or drawings of details and receive results of export.

With the price for applet “DXF export to CNC” you can familiarize in section prices. The applet is on sale only in addition to “bCAD Pro” or “bCAD Furniture”.