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  Complex software solutions for manufacturing automation

Price List

Here is a price list for various bCAD products. All prices listed below are in € (EURO). Prices for a particular country should be calculated using the local currency ratio. End-user prices, however, are determined by the distributor.
All applications, described on these pages are distributed on commercial basis.

The prices, listed below do not include shipping cahrges. If you order version of the product, be aware, that it will be send by UPS or DHL with shipping payment arranged at your side. We are sorry for possible inconvinience, it caused by fact, that delivery locations are quite differ therfore there's no way to establish reasonable common price.

Product MAIN license Additional
bCUT 200 € 140 €
bCAD Pro 800 € 520 €
bCAD Furniture 580 € 400 €
bCAD Salon 400 € 260 €
bCAD Showcase 400 € 260 €
CNC "ProGen" Module 200 € 200 €

Custom software development

Prices of all custom software development services, drawing symbols, 3D models are agreed by contract.